Beyoglu Restaurant, Istanbul Restaurant

Faik Pasha Beyoglu resturant Located in the European side of İstanbul in a very chic neighborhood of antique shops, cafes,resturant, museum, and designer boutiques, Cukurcuma area connection to a charmingly authentic local community.

Faik Pasha Beyoglu resturant opened 2016, and created a brrand new cafe and resturant concept with a menü can not taste anywhere and it was build with passion to creat a peaceful, decent, quiet, positive space. you can find in rich menu with so many choices, flavors and cuisine like Italian, Mediterranean, Turkish and Uzbek ..

Faik Pasha Beyoglu resturant open Buffet Breakfats is available from 07.30 to 11.30 every morning.

Faik Pasha Beyoglu resturant open Buffet Breakfats is fulll of Handmade cookies, börek, olives, cakes, cheeses, best quality of organic products are used.

Orange, red plum and strawberry jams are homemade .

For Continental Breakfast guests, Corn Flakes varieties and light products are available in the buffet.

In addition to the buffet breakfast, menus are served , also mixed omelettes, sausages, mushroom eggs..

İn Faik Pasha Beyoglu resturant they use handmade tablecloths, antique plates and cups, so the guest will feel their own home environment.

Also the bread baked in a wood oven with gluten low.

Peaceful hours can the guest spend in Faik Pasha Beyoglu resturant. also books, magazines and daily newspapers and free wireless internet are availabe.

For lunch Faik Pasha Beyoglu resturant famouse of cheeses, meat, spinach ravioli, meatballs, Manti varieties, salad varieties, Uzbek Manti and Turkish cuisine.

Sweets and ice cream varieties.

The green secret garden of Faik Pasha Beyoglu resturant kept well maintained for the summer and winter guests.

We invite you to the peaceful atmosphere of Faik Pasha Beyoglu resturant.