Faik Pasha Cafe open buffet breakfast is available from 07.30 to 11.00 every morning.

The breakfast is fulll of handmade cookies, börek, cakes, olives, seasonal fruits and vegetables, cheeses, best quality of organic products are used.

Our orange, red plum and strawberry jams are homemade.

For Continental breakfast guests corn flakes varieties and light products are available in our buffet.
Everyday in the afternoon we prepare the ingredients to make fresh savory and dessert for the next day breakfast.

Our bread baked in a wood oven with gluten low.

As well a selection of tea and coffee, our lemonade is made by fresh lemon juice.

In addition to our buffet breakfast menus are served, also mixed omelettes, sausages, mushroom eggs are cooked in the corner of our service area.

Peaceful hours can our guest spend in Faik Pasha Cafe, we have books, magazines and daily newspapers and free wireless internet.

Also we have in our menu cheeses, meat, spinach ravioli, meatballs, toasts, menemen, omelettes, pancakes, pastries and cakes. Ravioli and our pasta are made by inspiration Turkish-Italian-Uzbek cuisine.

İn Faik Pasha Cafe we use handmade tablecloths, antique plates and cups so the guest will feel their own home environment.

The green secret garden of our cafe is kept well maintained for our summer and winter guests.
Faik Pasha Cafe one of the most authentic cafes of Cihangir / Çukurcuma which is full of old days memories.