Cihangir Faik Pasha Cafe

It was 2015, the tiny cozy breakfast room with four tables was enlarged towards my backyard garden and the shop next to my building. My aim was to do just a decent “good” work. Good food, good breakfast, good ambiance. Like a living organism, the cafe has grown up, has always been “GOOD”. My friends who support me by often have come to Faik Pasha Cafe are the witness of how I’ve been working hard, trying to be patient. Bombs exploded, tourism stopped, economic crises and security problems made our people not to go out of their homes. In those difficult days, I felt like I was doing a full-gas business and I worked hard on everything from social media to cooking meals in Faik Pasha Apartments and Cafe.

Now Faik Pasha was an appreciated cafe in Istanbul and has become one of Istanbul’s beautiful faces.When I learned with very sweet coincidences that Faik Pasha has been recognized abroad also, happiness comes out from my tears.Bloggers are coming and going, publishing Faik Pasha Suites and Cafe in foreign journals. Authors, Grammy award-winning artists, jazz musicians, academicians, Couples who are keen on discovering our city and culture from the daily life of an Istanbulite have Loved Faik Pasha and İts sincere concept.

I am not able to make myself happier by advising Faik Pasha Suites-Cafe to their friends when they return home. Today we hosted the royal family of a Middle East Country in Faik Pasha. They were very satisfied and very appreciated, they said they would come by to Faik Pasha Cafe on every trip to Istanbul. I see this success as a contribution to our city, the neighborhood, and Beyoğlu.

Guests of Faik Pasha Suites Apartments from India, Tibet, Australia, Europe, Israel, and different countries, love staying and have appreciated the concept which I created. It is a great thing that people have developed with empathy and has a spiritual satisfaction from the work they have experienced in Faik Pasha Suites-Cafe