Istanbul Boutique Hotel

The increase in online resources, comment sites such as Trip Advisor, blogger writings, eating guides, youtube videos are so diverse that now many people prefer to travel individually to the places they discovered on their own rather than guided group travels.

This trend is also due to the difference between the tourist and the traveler and the desire of people of all ages to explore the world.

Do you really discover the city by seeing the most popular tourist spots in a city?

In the evening, the locals of the city in the popular tourist areas go to their home in the outskirts of the city. The real daily life of the city is not experienced in these over tourist areas. If you are staying at a hotel in a tourist area, how do people of that city live? İn which  places they drink and eat ? how do they have fun? You will not see.

Faik Pasha Suites offers its guests very important advantages in this regard.

The area where Faik Pasha Suites is located is Beyoğlu and it has a deep history since the Byzantine period.

This history shows itself in the passages of the historical buildings on the boulevards and side streets of the region.

As  one of the popular design hotels of Beyoglu, Faik Pasha Sutes  is located in the old Levantine buildings which are second degree historical monuments.

The rooms of these restored buildings are decorated with original antique furniture and carry the traces of the history of Istanbul.

Both the rooms and the café-restaurant, the bath, the spa have a specially designed atmospherein Faik Pasha Suites :Beyoglu boutique hotel.

Our guests can also watch the daily life of the neighborhood residents who lives in  this  residential area called Cihangir.Youngsters  are going to school from the early hours of the morning or the adults going to work, sipping a morning coffee in a corner cafe and shopping.These are the Daily routins of Faik pasha Suites neighbourhood.