Cihangir Brunch Cafe

I picked old oil painting portraits hanging on the Reception of Faik Pasha Apartments from the collection I had created for many years, As if the former owners/residents of this building. They have been communed with the Faik Pasha Apartments special design atmosphere. Who knows, maybe this old elderly husband…

Cihangir Brunch

Faik Pasha cafe & resturant located in Cihangir area which is the place connection to a charmingly authentic local community. Faik Pasha cafe & resturant famouse as Cihangir Brunch as you can find every thing – location, atmosphere, buffet fulll of Handmade and best quality of organic products. Cihangir Brunch

When winter Comes to Faik Pasha Apartments-Cafe

When winter came  to our childhood , we ate   winter vegetables such as cabbage, leeks, carrots, pickles. When summer comes, we were happy to have a banquet of tomatoes, cherries and salads. Cucumbers were like cucumbers, tomatoes were juicy and tasty. With the greenhouses, hormones and chemicals, to produce  summer/spring…

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