Direct booking from Faik Pasha Suites website

Advantages of booking directly from the hotel

Here are the factors that make it attractive to book from a hotel’s own website:
Special promotions,
The most advantageous prices,
Discount spa,
Discounted transfer and meal fees.
Online booking links added to the website also have international security certificates. These links are also completely secure in terms of all information entered, such as credit card information.

How and why to book a hotel directly?

International BtoB tourism fairs in Berlin, Dubai and London bring together international tour operators and hotels. Hotels offer some of their rooms to the appreciation of large agencies. These agencies market these room capacities they bought to market to the end consumer through tour operators and door agencies. (BtoC)
Guests of specially designed boutique hotels such as Faik Pasha Suites find their hotels themselves. They make their reservations without using the Tour Agency. They plan their trips themselves.
In these individual reservations, the choice of hotel can be made by seeing it from the article of a blogger or with a suggestion from a friend. Today, BtoC systems of online agencies such as have enabled individual bookings to be made securely. Price comparison sites such as Trip Advisor and Trivago make it very easy to make individual reservations. Hotels add on-line reservation links to their websites and take the secure reservation service to their guests.
The expectations of guests from a boutique hotel like Faik Paşa Suites Design Hotel Beyoğlu are significantly different from those of tourists who take a closed tour from the airport with buses and guided groups.

The difference between the traveller and the tourist

Guests of the Design Hotel conduct research before they start their trips and plan their travels to know the country and daily life freely. With their daily habits, history and traditions, Faik Pasha Suites offers a comfortable and authentic environment for travellersFaik pasha Hotels who want to get to know Istanbul, Beyoğlu, Çukurcuma and Cihangir.

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