Life is sometimes weird, ferries are fans …

Life is sometimes weird, ferries are fans …

🧿Yesterday i done something i wanted to do for a long time and i went to the “Mavvi kapi kafe “Blue door cafe at Anadolu Feneri̇ : Anatolian Light.
💯The Anadolu Feneri is at the last corner of the anatolian coast of the bosphorus just before the black-sea.
😍Leyla and Ali Soysal, our friends from the faculty of law, have created this unique cafe-restaurant with a great love and dedication….
👧👩🧒 Yesterday we met in kanlica ​​and went together to anadolu feneri.🚙
🎁I reccomend to anyone to visit this extraordinary beautiful fishermans town and the mavvi̇ kapi cafe.

For the establishment of an unique, authentique city centre hotel which i had been dreamed of ; i have worked very hard and make sacrifices in the sake of the special design project of faik pasha suites in cukurcuma beyoglu since 2013.
Yesterday when i visit the mavvi kapi kafe i felt the same type of idealistic work which has been dedicated to the creation of mavvi kapi kafe by leyla and ali soysal.

If you want to spend a beautiful day, go to “Anadolu feneri “Via extremely beautiful route of the forests, sea and bays.
Please note that there is always an open door for you: an exceptional cafe-restaurant which is named “Mavvi kapi kafe.

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