After the relatively new buildings of Taksim and Cihangir, you will reach Çukurcuma on foot downhill and you will immediately notice that the atmosphere has changed from the modern to the historical one.

Beyoğlu is the first municipal organization of the Ottoman Empire founded in the western sense in 1857. Muslims, Armenians, Greeks and Jews, who were the subjects of the Ottoman Empire, lived together in Faik Pasha Street where our hotel is located. Easter Holidays, Christmas and Kandil dates were celebrated all together, the children would play together on the street, and the ladies of the house would sit in front of the doors and chat on hot summer days. I think it would be correct to call this mixed culture “Old Istanbul Culture”.

The demographic structure and life culture of our city had undergone a serious change with the immigration of the neighbourhoods such as Tophane and Tarlabaşı from Eastern Anatolia and the sad events between 6-7 September 1955 and 1964 in Greece, and the migration of our Greek and Armenian citizens to Greece and other western countries.

Faik Pasha Istanbul Boutique Hotel‘s project to set up, design and decorate belongs to the owner. The love of the retired Lawyer Meral Kalav Demir for the historical areas of the city, the preservation of the original structures of these regions and especially Çukurcuma and Beyoğlu is the reason for this project.

During your stay at Faik Pasha Hotel -Cafe, you will experience the warm home environment and Turkish Hospitality.

During the restoration construction and the project design phase, the original structure of Faik Paşa Caddesi 41-45 and 49 buildings was preserved and the original construction techniques of that period were used.