Art Hotel Istanbul

Art Hotel Istanbul

If you an art lover you must visit and stay in Faik Pasha art hotel Istanbul. The entire room is incorporated into an artist’s concept, including the furniture and any other accessories. No two rooms in the hotel are alike. Each room is unique, and the only thing that the rooms share is the high quality of the concepts behind each hotel room. We have been described as art gallery .

the art apartments concept is not only integrated within the hotels’ facilities, but carries on into each of our well-equipped rooms, displaying unique works of art. Our interest in art and design is not only expressed through our designer décor, but is also communicated by our friendly staff that will gladly help you shape your İstanbul vacation.

This extraordinary art apartments  gently combines historical architecture with state of the art design concepts.and its surrounded by galleries, museums.

Also in Faik Pasha art apartments there is a libary that you can spend a quality time and enjoy reading from our selection of books.

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