Bed and breakfast in Taksim

While we, the small business owners, design our hotels, we not only design rooms or common areas but also design the energy that will pass from the team and the environment to the guests. We see this as one of the essential elements of the success of the concept.
As a hotel Guest, you want positive energy in the fragrant cool pillows you rest your head on, the smiling receptionist saying good morning to you in the morning or the chef waiting for her guests at the buffet. This feeling came to me, especially in the overseas hotels I stayed in when I was on business trips. The breakfast room, surrounded by the smell of coffee and the smiling waiter, would provide an excellent start to the day.

If this concept, which embraces the guest, is not internalized by the team, it is impossible for the hotel management to realize it as much as they want, in practice. The material conditions of the personnel, their social rights, and a workplace environment with mutual respect are indispensable for success.

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