Beyoglu Breakfast

Faikpasha Beyoglu Breakfast

They say, “Breakfast is gold, lunch is silver, dinner is copper.”

Indeed, it is the duty of the morning breakfast to speed up the metabolism every morning and energize the body to make the day run.

Sunday Breakfast with the Family

Especially on weekends, the meaning of breakfast is even more for us Turks.
The family gets up a bit late and the breakfast table converted to a brunch table which consists of such as sausage, omelette, grilled cheeses, many kinds of pastries which we can not find the opportunity between the week, comes into play.

Turkish Breakfast Tradition

Breakfast is the most important meal in our country, in Faik Pasha Suites Beyoglu Hotel which has very rich eating habits that vary from region to region.
In our country, each region has different menus for breakfast and different tastes.
The Kuymak of the Black Sea people similar with the Fondue of the Swiss, the local flavours in the spreading breakfast of Van, the Katmer ate in Antep in the morning, Tantuni and liver saute, which are eaten in the mornings in the Mersin region, a warm soup especially in the cold winter mornings.

When I opened Faik Paşa Suites in 2013, we had a tiny breakfast room on the lower floor of our main building. We were compensating for the small of space with the freshness and variety of our breakfast. Our guests were always very pleased with the generous. delicious breakfast.

The first day of a tourist abroad

Especially if you are in a foreign country, especially in the first days of your holiday and if you are a foreigner of the region, the hotel you stay in is like a port of refuge.

Starting the day with a fresh, delicious and varied breakfast reduces the anxiety of foreignness, and if you eat enough to keep you full until noon, you will not be stressed when looking for a place for lunch.

This was a situation that I felt on our trips abroad for years. My son who can not tolerate hunger and my family that loves fresh-quality food taught me how to become a good Hotel Owner.

Faik Pasha Suites shaped by my holiday experiences all over the world

Starting from the first day I opened Faik Pasha Suites, I have given great importance to breakfast based on these experiences. During the years, our guests’ requests and suggestions have guided us, we have improved the menu, we have expanded our breakfast room and started to open the service not only hotel guests but to the neighbourhood residents.

This is how the story of being a popular Breakfast Room in Cihangir started.

Beyoglu Brunch and Buffet Breakfast

Faik Pasha Café offers a wide range of alternatives to its guests not only on weekends but also during the weekday’s Breakfast open buffet is opened at 08:00 in the morning at Faik Pasha Café Cihangir, it is served to our guests by keeping it full and fresh until 15.00 on weekends and until 11.30 during the week.
After our open buffet is closed, the products in our buffet can be served to the table until 18:00 in the evening, omelette types, bagels, freshly prepared cakes and pastries, pizzas are also made to the table.

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