Meral Kalav Demir’s Blog

The restoration construction of Faik Pasha Suites started in 2010.
In March 2013, the restoration was over, all the antique furniture and objects that I gathered and kept in a warehouse for three years settled in the rooms one by one and we were able to accept our first guests.
Since then, I have acquired a second profession, I have learned Tourism. This was a process that requires hard work and determination. The law education I received and 17 years of working discipline helped me a lot.
When I was learning about a completely different system such as accounting, purchasing, personnel, kitchen, house keeping, rate-availability planing, social media and web design, I also realized that I was pushing my limits and improving myself.
Life is beautiful and meaningful when it produces something good. This hotel added a new meaning to my life. Of course, every job is done to earn an income as a result. But success cannot be indexed only to financial data.
In an ancient city, which is said to be the center of the world, extending beyond 3000 years, the geological and political movement is so much that no matter how well you do your job in tourism, the events that are developing outside of the world can prevent your success.
Large Global Hotel chains operate with high operating capital. However, the owners of small hotels like us have limited resources. Each crisis deeply affects the small hotel and its owner.
When I got out of these crises both with great stress and getting stronger, I thought that it was necessary to write these memories.
Being institutionalized, delegating responsibilities, getting the highest efficiency for the institution from the staff at hand, operating the facility with the highest efficiency and peaking in the satisfaction of the guests, they are also very much about spirituality, focus on the job, love for the job, and the motivation to do the job well.
In the meantime, as a woman who raised two children, worked as a lawyer and manager, and pulled a family in her 30-year marriage, this struggle to succeed in trading, standing, and building a team in one of the most historical and cosmopolitan districts of Istanbul, taught me a lot.
I wanted to share these experiences on my blog.