Breakfast Preparations for Faik Pasha Cafe

The specialities of Faik Pasha Suites Breakfast.

I’ve been working from home twice a week lately. While developing the prices and availability plans for Faik Paşa Suites on the computer, on the other hand, I prepare the organic bread dough in my kitchen with the sourdough I produced.


What is my Goal for the Faik Pasha Suites Breakfast

My goal in Faik Pasha Cafe Cihangir is always: to serve healthy, nourishing, tasty food and I do my job well be. I think this is the secret of life, understanding, constructiveness, peacefulness. It’s like producing the yeast bread 🙂

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My target is to bake an artisan sourdough bread in the most ideal form. I’m trying to make various kinds of healthy bread by mixing the dough with nuts, dried tomatoes, herbs etc.  85% of the flour used in Faik Pasha Café is taken directly from the producer. We produce all the pastries without using any industrial material, including our loaves of bread.

Sour Yeast and Artisan Breads.

This is another difficult and demanding matter. It really requires great patience, labour, experience and training.


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