Cihangir Brunch

Cihangir Brunch

Faik Pasha Cihangir Brunch cafe & resturant located in Cihangir area which is the place connection to a charmingly authentic local community.

Faik Pasha cafe & resturant famouse as Cihangir Brunch as you can find every thing – location, atmosphere, buffet fulll of Handmade and best quality of organic products.

Faik pasha Cafe is a institution that will never go out of style. For those who are always wondering where to spend their Sunday.

The Brunch concept means you will be dining in a extraordinary beuatiful atmosphere, with live Jazz band will be palying during the brunch and will trip you down musical memory.

you can enjoy unlimited amount of cold starters, hot starters, the salad corner offers seasonal alternatives, local and international cheeses, freshly baked breads, spectacular display of delicious Turkish cuisine fare that will keep you going to the buffet. The dessert buffet its pleasure by itself,

The staff are friendly, helpful and totally aware of what they are doing

The atmosphere in Cihangir Brunch is relaxed and fun and it’s just a different brunch experience.

Faik Pasha is available every Sunday from 11:00 to 4:00 pm. Brunch guests may choose between indoor seating or outdoor seating, based on the season.

Faik Pasha is a place that will definitely impress you.

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