Cihangir Organic Breakfast

Cihangir Organic Breakfast

Our buildings, which were built for the Ottoman citizens of Rum, Jewish, and Levantine in Istanbul after the 1800s, were in a neglected and sad situation with the effect of being abandoned for many years.

Which children grew up in these buildings, which families neighbored each other, the father’s work, the children went to their schools every morning…

When Faik Pasha and his family gave their names to this street, what time could be spent in house number 4?
These have always thought and influenced me.

Historical Hotel Taksim, Historical Hotel Istanbul

When I was in the restoration of Faik Pasha Istanbul Design Hotel and laying rooms, I tried to revive and live those days in my dream. Fak Pasha Istanbul Boutique Hotel and Faik Pasha Cihangir Organic Breakfast Cafe have this spirit and I wish that the modern approach embracing the citizens of the Ottoman Empire and the Republic of Ataturk of all nationalities from all walks of life will continue to be forgotten with beautiful approaches that emphasize the peaceful love of human beings to settle in our society.

In Turkey bread is added to every meal. I was born in 1960 and my seniors remember; Anatolia is a Wheat Pavilion ” was taught to us in the school. At these years there was a Domestic Goods Selebration Week, We had more enthusiasm for raisins, figs, dried apricots and bakery products during that week in our class rooms. Now there are a lot of concepts around GDOs, Gluten, wheat imports, etc. I am proudly using and consuming our own breads both at home and in my cafeteria. Healthy, organic, low gluten


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