It is possible to demolish the spirit of the environment.Is it possible to create it again?

There’s always a district of any city that becomes the place to see, to be seen and to know about. In Istanbul,this  area is  Cukurcuma  , Beyoglu. But also this popularity causes some major problems.Such as loosing its memory and indulging the popular culture…During the last couple of years, it has been impossible to ignore this course of events in our adorable district.

Faik Pasha Suits and Apartments are  also in  this old  and unique neighborhood .  Çukurcuma, is at   the back streets of Beyoğlu , very close to Istiklal Street , houses many antique shops, vintage boutiques ,cosy caffés, monumental ancient buildings  and design ateliers.When I bought these historical buildings of Faik Pasha Suits &Apartments at 2000 ,they  were nearly tumble down because of awful neglect of the prior owners  just like many others.



The area  was not as popular as to day.I felt that;I should protect this history, not only by  renewing this houses also by  using original costruction techniques and plans.

Above you could see the building 41 before and after the renovation.

I have researched  the past life styles in the Faik Pasha Street,listened  to the old people who was born here  and  tried to revive this tradition  by renovating  /decorating the flats and suits accordingly…

I will continue to tell the story which have occupied my last 10  years…

follow me here….

Meral Kalav Demir.

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