Nostalgia Istanbul event at Galataport

Nostalgia Istanbul event at Galataport

Nostalgia Istanbul will spread to the whole of Galataport Istanbul by taking the museum square, where the Tophane Clock Tower, the oldest clock tower of the city dating back to 1848, is located.

Within the scope of the program, stands, tastes, talks, workshops and concerts will bring Istanbul culture and traditions free of charge to Istanbulites.

Many names including Esin Çelebi Bayru, Bihter Türkan Ergül, Avedis Kendir, Dinçer Güner and Özge Ersu will take part in the talks that will take place at the event.

Turkish classical music and opera singer Elif Efruze will also take the stage with her Istanbul songs repertoire.

In addition to the traditional shadow theater to be held, the art of marbling will be explained to the curious by the artists and live performances will be made. The event will also be accompanied by instrumental music, sand art shows and traditional and Istanbul-themed artworks will be presented to the visitors.

Special for April 23 National Sovereignty and Children’s Day, led by Prof. Doğuş Children’s Symphony Orchestra, undertaken by Renkm Gökmen and accompanied by violin virtuoso Cihat Aşkın, will also give a concert in Galataport Istanbul.

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