Design Hotel Cukurcuma / Beyoglu

How to Design a Hotel in Cukurcuma

Since the establishment of Faik Pasha Suites Cukurcuma Boutique Hotel, we plan and perform our general maintenance and repair works in every year low season.

How to design Comfortable Room

In 2020, we evaluated the months of January and February and planned the redesign to improve the fine taste and comfort in the decoration of our rooms.
The only purpose of the changes is to provide our guests with a more comfortable, pleasant and memorable stay.
Our guests  from different countries all over the world, writes very positive comments including their constructive suggestions . Faik Pasha Suites  management always take them in to consideration . We are grateful to them.

A hotel which has an authentic atmosphere

Big tourism facilities and chain hotels in the world offer a significant part of their rooms to the agencies one year before at the Tourism Fairs opened in cities such as Berlin, Dubai, London.
Travellers do not come to small hotels such as Faik Pasha Suites Cukurcuma via these Large Scale BtoB Agencies. These reservations are made individually. Either with an acquaintance recommendation, by reading from a blogger’s article, or through online BtoC agencies. Facilities that bear the traces of the culture of the neighbourhood, the region and the city rather than the global culture attracts the individuals more and more.

Traveller in Cukurcuma Design Hotel

Journeys to small design hotels are like a story these travelers discovered. The guide is himself and the traveler is himself.
As such, the front staff, cleaners and crew of small design hotels such as Faik Pasha Suites’ become the most important actors of this scenario during check-in and throughout the stay.
A more one-to-one service approach prevails between the hotel team and the guest.
With our experience, we know which country’s citizens love what to eat at breakfast, or which are more demanding and researching, who are discriminators or practical people, and we also benefit from this professional knowledge while ensuring the peace and comfort of guests.

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