%100 Music: Electronica Festival

Alex Niggemann
Guy Mantzur
La Fleur
Michael Mayer
Patrice Baumel

With its history of making more than 150.000 music lovers dance to over 600 musicians’ performances since 2004, Turkey’s leading electronic music meeting Electronica Festival will return to Çeşme for its fourth edition this summer on June 25-26 and will take place in Istanbul for its twelfth edition on July 29-30.

Details about Electronica Festival Çeşme 2017 where sea, sun and dance will be brought together with dance music’s very bests at Alaçatı Beach Resort for two days, will soon be announced on Electronica Festival / FG 93.7 social media accounts and radio FG 93.7.


Start Time

00:00 am

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Finish Time

00:00 am

Friday, June 30, 2017