Home Stytle Breakfast in Faik Pasha Suites-Cafe Cukurcuma Beyoglu

Faik Pasha Café was born from a kitchen which was set up to prepare breakfast for Faik Pasha Suites Guests

Faik Pasha Suites opened in March 2013. (beyogludesignhotel) It has been shaped by the diligent efforts of its owner who has no experience in tourism but has stayed in many boutique hotels in different countries of the world and has become successful today.

Sunday breakfast prepared by our mothers in Turkey not only cheese, jam, olives and bread. We Turks, who believe that a good breakfast is needed to start the day healthy and strong, sometimes exaggerate this breakfast.

The warm pastries, freshly fried dough and the fragrant cakes prepared by our mother, which are served at crowded family tables and are appetized by everyone, satisfy not only our stomach but also our soul. The desire to love, to be loved and to live happily together doesn’t stop, and mankind feels safe and good at these fertile and festive tables.

As a Turkish mother who lived with her children, I wanted to experience these feelings that I mentioned to my guests at my own hotel which I loved.

A person wants to be cared of and to feel in a friendly environment when especially away from his country. Breakfast at Faik Pasha Suites also gives our guests this feeling.

The breakfast prepared every morning at Faik Pasha Suites Beyoglu was so much appreciated that we also wanted to expand this place and open it to outside guests as a café.

For example, We added freshly fried bagel to our menu with the suggestions of our guests. Then the pastries were said should be hotter, we put an oven in the buffet and baked the pastries in that oven.

Many Indian guests came to our hotel this summer. We started to prepare vegetable sautées and vegan breakfasts according to their habits.