How can we find a Hotel from Google,which matches our criterias

Whenever I intend to go to one of the European cities, first of all I do a search on Google for a place to stay based on history,authenticity and real Daily life enviroment..

historicalhotel, boutiquehotel, citycenterhotel, smalluxuryhotel, designhotel, arthotel. I  searched  a hotel on Google  by adding the city or area name in front  of these criteria words.

Old Town Centers, small-sized or family-run hostels, historic buildings, environments filled with experiences attract me.

If I stay at a hotel matching my criterias,I  look out the window early in the morning. The streets, the buildings in the neighborhood, the runners to the work, the offices that sometimes lit up the lights of the opposite buildings, and the people who sip their cups on the table are attracted to me. I feel like I was in a Kievslowsky film myself.

My mind works from this day to the past,nostalgia,life experiences and habits…

I love to see people in their daily lives in their neighborhoods.

I am impressed not by the resplendent globalized environments but by the small hotels in the buildings that have the traces of history.

I want to find the city where I go ,to interfere with the routine of that day in the city, to catch up with my book in a frequent haunt, to follow the tradition.

Thank God for all of this,which  I have seen and experienced.

Countries, nations and past days, history , even buildings, styles vary, but people are essentially the same.

Everywhere ordinary people run to their business or  to their schools, the concerns of the parents,   fathers and modhers  are very similar.

If you ask me;ll the people in the world are brothers –sisters  each other.

While I was establishing and operating  the Faik Pasha Suites-Apartments and Cafe, I always considered these issues and tried to create a facility that would be liked by guests who think like me.

Beyogluboutiquehotel, Taksimdesignhotel, Beyogluhistoricalhotel, Cihangirhotel, designsuites, designapartments, historicalapartmentsbeyoglu, istanbulboutiqueuites, istanbulspecialdesignflats are the criteria words  that our future  guests could  use when searching for my Faik Pasha Apartments and Cafe on Google.

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