Göz görünce insan yapmadan duramıyor!

At Faik Pasha Suites Cafe Beyoglu İstanbul, we continuously decorate, paint and reorganise!

My dear friend Siber comes and stay at #Faikpashasuites # Beyoglu from time to time. She is a fashion designer, and she is also very good at colours and interior. Whenever she comes, I request to glance at each room of Faik Pasha Hotels and review the interior for the sake of design, comfort and art.

This time we decided to paint some furniture and change the places of our painting and mirrors.

Faik Pasha is a unique design hotel in Beyoglu. The main target of the interior is a reflection of the art and social history of the Cukurcuma, providing absolute comfort in the rooms.

The interior design is alive, changes, improves, updates in Faik Pasha Suites. As long as I manage and own this facility, the philosophy mentioned above will be continued.

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