Home style Breakfast in Faik Pasha Cafe Beyoglu.

Home Style Breakfast in Faik Pasha Cafe Cukurcuma

Turkish Breakfast-Home Style cooking in Faik Pasha Kitchen.

There are freshly baked pastry, croissant, bread from sour yeast and cake in the open buffet breakfast.
The breakfast at Faik Pasha Suites- Cafe always reminds us the loving mothers. The mothers who are ready to prepare the fruitful tables to their family.

What do we serve in Faik Pasha Suites Breakfast Buffet

In Faik Pasha Cafe, breakfast includes many homemade organic products. Like, five types of cheese, five types of olives, homemade jams, clotted cream, honey, bagels, hummus, eggs, fresh greens and salads. Freshly made bagel, pancakes, crepes are also a must for a special Turkish breakfast.


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