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Cultural Centres of Beyoglu

Faik Pasha Suites is located in Beyoglu, the busiest area of Istanbul in terms of International Festivals, Biennials, Art Galleries, Art Centers, Bookstores and Museums. In terms of the artistic activities of Istanbul, we can say that the heartbeats in the area where Faik Pasha Suite is located.
I recommend Faik Pasha Suites Beyoglu’s guests to explore the programs of these international art centres within walking distance from their web sites and visit them.

Thursday Cinema in Salt Beyoglu.Walk-in Cinema.

SALT Beyoğlu, a six-storey building situated on İstiklal Street. It was constructed between 1850 and 1860. Originally functioning as retail space on street level and domestic residences on its upper floors, the building opened under the name Siniossoglou Apartment. When, in the 1950s, the Beyoğlu district’s population went into decline, the building ceased to function residentially, its spaces instead used for retail, political and artistic activities.

Siniossoglou Apartment is a stone structure with steel beams and vaulted ceilings. Redesign of the building for contemporary use has been completed by Mimarlar Tasarım, the office of Aga Khan Award for Architecture winner Han Tümertekin. Mimarlar Tasarım’s work combines conservation of the original architectural elements of Siniossoglou Apartment, reinforcement of its structure, and a reorganization of the interior layout of the building to meet SALT Beyoğlu’s new functions.

SALT Beyoğlu has 1130 square meters of exhibition space on three levels. Acting as an interface between the institution and İstiklal Street is the Forum, SALT Beyoğlu’s entry space, where daily program information is shared. An extension of the Forum, SALT’s Walk-in Cinema, forms an intimate platform for spontaneous activities, performances and talks, in addition to its programmed screenings.

Way-finding for SALT Beyoğlu was programmed and designed by Koray Özgen. The signage elements were developed taking the cultural and visual legacy of İstiklal Street as inspiration for circulation and display of programmatic information throughout the building.

SALT Beyoğlu
founded by Garanti BBVA
İstiklal Caddesi 136
Beyoğlu 34430 İstanbul Türkiye
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T +90 212 377 42 00

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