Istanbul Design Hotel

Istanbul Design Hotel

I had always had a story while restoring the Faik Pasha Apartments Istanbul Design Hotel, laying the rooms, building the team, creating the menus, this fiction enters the dialogue with guests almost in every area of ​​the facility, whispering something to it. To design a hotel, it must first have a story. Elegant rooms, comfort, luxury and a correct architectural design are not enough to make the hotel design hotel.

A real boutique hotel should also be a personalized design, spiritual environment, a story.
If all the rooms are furnished with the same type of furniture, in a globally same hotel the design does not tell anything about the local culture and the daily habits of the city residents.

The dream of the hotel owner trying to do this, the story plays a big part in the character of the facility. In fact, the facilities and the structure of the accommodation and the attitudes of the hotel team are. always bear the traces of the hotel owner. Even if this facility is designed with the help of a professional team, if it is a dream of the owner, this story will be reflected in this dream centring concept through this design team.

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Nowadays, the concept of tourists has gained an advanced dimension, now there are city explorers and globetrotters. Starting with the staff and the owner of the place, this type of guest is also interested in the neighbourhood, region, city, traditions and daily life habits and chooses to do their own preliminary research instead of being a tour member. Here are the guests of my Istanbul Design Hotel.

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