Taksim Boutique Hotel

Taksim Boutique Hotel

With a population of more than 20.000.000 people and ancient history since Middle Ages , Istanbul requires a little more than an online search for a reservation and things to do . True discovery involves spending time in each neighborhood, talking to locals in the know and to discover your own “top ten” and a Real  Istanbul Design Hotel

While providing hospitality services for   foreigners, as a Taksim Boutique Hotel ;  Faik Pasha Hotels is committed to helping its guest to  discover the city deeper; whether they recommend you a non-touristic authentic  restaurant or  the best shopping in the city for locals.

The area where Faik Pasha Beyoglu  Hotels is  located in Beyoglu  also home to independent cinemas, art galleries, Music Halls , numerous street food venues, and some of the most lively  markets  , while some  of the most popular restaurants in İstanbul can be found at Cihangir, Nevizade, İstiklal Avenue, Karaköy.

Faik Pasha Cihangir Cafe is open for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and early dinner  from Monday to Sunday , The gorgeous setting is the perfect place to relax after visiting some of the  Cukurcuma Antique Shops, Museums ,Film Festivals  and Art Galleries. Serving a delicious menu of light homemade dishes surrounded by the chic décor inspired by Art Nouveau-Colonial style , one of the Cihangir Breakfast Cafe ; Faik Pasha Della Suda  is a popular destination for residents and visitors alike.

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