Long Stay Apartments

Faik Pasha Long Stay Apartments

More privacy, more home-like and greater cost savings make Faik Pasha Best Taksim Boutique Hotel the ideal choice for any long-term stay in İstanbul. When you are away from home for a few months, you need more than just comfortable surroundings, you need somewhere you can treat as your own; somewhere to truly relax and switch off in. İn Faik Pasha long stay apartment you can do this. From check-in to check-out the apartment is yours; it is your home in İstanbul if you do not want to be disturbed at any time, just let us know; your privacy and peace of mind is of paramount importance to us.

Faik Pasha long stay apartments bigger space than equivalent standard hotel room, enabling you to feel at ease in a natural home environment.

Faik Pasha Best Beyoglu Boutique Hotel has a fully-equipped high specification kitchen complete with a full set of utensils so you can cook what you want when you want, as well as a contemporary bathroom with a bath as well as a shower. Constrained no longer by fixed meal times and food you may not enjoy, our guests benefit from the freedom a Faik Pasha serviced long stay apartment provides..

At Faik pasha long stay apartments we know that the most sought-after accommodation is comfortable. We search and ensure that all of our long stay apartments are furnished to the highest standards,

Faik pasha long stay Apartments are designed with consideration of the traveller’s     needs whether that be a couple, family or overseas visitor and will include   everything you need to help you work, relax and live in. Whether you’re staying for a week, month or longer Faik pasha team will be happy to assist you.

Faik Pasha long stay apartments located in the heart of İstabul city, you can reach easily to most loved landmarks and tourism hotspots in İstanbul.

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