Istanbul Design Hotel

Istanbul Design Hotel

Faik Pasha Hotels is an Istanbul Design Hotel with a concept that believes in the design of the atmosphere as well as decoration in an accommodation facility.

500 more oil paintings throughout the property there’s a trail of romance, bohemian style, past days. Artist Ismail Sari’s drawn in Faik Pasha Hotels-Cafe ,wall pictures of intellectual freedom, It brings symbolic approaches to subjects such as people’s concerns, migration, women’s world, innocence of children, harmony and incompatibility, day and night.

The process of drawing these paintings is part of the facility’s atmospheric design. While the painter continues to create his work late at night, the guests who come to breakfast in the next  morning are experiencing a full change in the direction according to the day before, or enjoy the surprise and amazement of meeting a stage that has been completed.

Beyoğlu, where history, migrations, mass abandonment and settlements instead of those of the abandoned, began in the medieval Galata, the conquest of Constantinople, the westernilulation of the Ottoman Empire, the occupation of Istanbul, the Bolshevik Revolution, the War of Independence, The Declaration of the Republic and its early years, asset tax 1942 and  6-7 September 1955 events, such as the recent Dre-major socio-political events, which is designed to find another neighbourhood is difficult.

The Armenian-Greeks-Levantine, who have roots in this region, then migrated to  other lands, Who are the ones who settled down in Tarlabası-Beyoglu  from the eastern Anatolian  provinces, The lifestyles of this people living in the eastern  cultures, habits, architectural styles and non- architectural styles, while getting accustomed to this city. The new life habits they create and history create: I think it can’t be a more valuable design.

Located on the historic Faik Pasha Street, which was once inhabited by the Levantine,Greek,Armenian and Muslim Ottoman Citizens , Faik Pasha Apartments is a special design hotel that bears traces of this fascinating past.

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