Small Hotels Beyoglu

Small Hotels Beyoglu

We stayed at the Faik Pasha small hotel beyoglu for 12 days while visiting Istanbul. We had a 1st floor suite which included a bedroom (large with king sized bed) for us and a smaller bedroom for our teenaged son. We had a bathroom, sitting room, fridge and extra sink as well. The furnishings were early 20th century antique-like and the bathroom was all marble and a lovely shower head. Not only was the suite spacious, but it was very comfortable as well.

Open Buffet Breakfast

One of the highlights of Faik Pasha small hotels is its breakfasts. Fresh cheeses and vegetables are available, and all their breads and cakes are made daily (the orange scented cake is divine!). They also make their own jams and marmalades and the orange marmalade is particularly delicious in my opinion. Breakfast is served from 7:30 to 11 so you can also have a lazy wake up which is handy for lie-a-beds like my teen, and as it happens, my mother.

Turkish Bath

The staff at the front desk are delightful and can help you with anything you want to do. They can arrange a dinner reservation, taxi, airport transfer, or help you with finding sights and events you’d like to try. They will tell you where they like to eat and what fish is their favorite when you ask. And they will also arrange a time in their private Hamam a couple doors down, if you, like we, have an impromtu snow day and are looking for a way to enjoy a lazy day on the crooked streets without going far at all. Oh, and yes, the Hamam is amazingly good.

I cannot say enough good things about this hidden gem. Faik Pasha’s owner (a former lawyer) has done an incredible job! It’s both homey and luxurious all at the same time!

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