Faikpasha Cafe – Beyoglu Breakfast

Faik Paşa Kafe Beyoglu has a different view of the “cafe” concept with its always fresh and authentic products.

As a small business, we aim to meet our guests with Turkish Family Culinary Habits which are getting forgotten.

Faik Paşa Kafe presents the traditional products of our family kitchens by preparing them with home methods and offering
the most popular tastes in Family-Home  Kitchens to our guests.Turkish Hospitality, Family habits in the Kitchen – Eating culture needs to keep alive that is on the verge of being forgotten.

The Breakfast; content and Menu change according to the seasons at Faik Paşa Cafe.
Instead of frozen, out-of-season products, we prefer to use fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables.

“Anne Köftesi”; Which of us did not like “Meatball-Potato” in our childhood? Faik Paşa Cafe’s “Mother Meatballs” is especially from the Butcher of our neighbourhood. It is made by a chef (at the same time a mother ) with custom-made ground beef.

An indispensable part of our family tables, Mantı  Our mothers gave their hours to prepare this striking plate, but ittakes such a short time to eat! A popular and traditional meal Mantı, which we relish, is at Faik Paşa Cafe.

At Faik Paşa Kafe, for the pizzas, pitas, cakes, and pastries, yeast dough is always ready.

These are the “Fast Foods” made in the kitchen of Faik Paşa Cafe.

A Fresh Soup; is made every day at Faik Paşa Cafe.

The greens for our Salads; are bought fresh daily from our greengrocer in Cihangir.

The  Cakes; are also in our cafe without using any ready-made additives.
And are sold out quickly.


“Yolluk”; Every day for the guests of Faik Pasha Hotels who will check out, somecookies are made, and pack and these also accompany the tea and coffee served at Faik Paşa Cafe.

Organic Chicken;  is an alternative to the fabricated Chicken sold in markets today.
It is sold in butchers as a more expensive alternative. We buy these chickens, which are produced in their natural environment without being used chemicals and hormones.
We buy them for the chicken salads and chicken schnitzels on our menu.

 The indispensable parts of our kitchen are;Pasta types,  grilled vegetables for vegetarian dishes,  home-fermented yoghurts, and sourdough slices of bread.

The Backyard Garden; offers a peaceful environment for our guests with the plants that we have grown for years and
the works of art on the walls.


Private Events in Faik Pasha Cafe; with a seating capacity of 50 people,  alsohosts special meetings such as baby showers, engagement parties, birthdays, etc.


Lunch and dinner served in the Faik Pasha Cafe.Cheese, meat and spinach flled  ravioli (Mantı)are made and served in the Faik Pasha Cafe.
Beef, meatballs, macaronies, soup of the day, toasts, menemen, omelettes, pancakes, pastries and cakes are the main dishes in Faik Pasha Cafe’s menü. Ravioli and our pasta are made by inspiration Turkish-Italian-Uzbek cuisine.

Types of wines produced in the vineyards from different regions of Turkey can be found in Faik Pasha Cafe ‘s menu.
In Faik Pasha Cafe handmade white tablecloths, authentic plates and cups are used.
The green secret garden of our cafe is kept well maintained for our guests’ usage.
Faik Pasha Cafe one of the most authentic cafes of Cihangir / Çukurcuma which is full of old days memories.


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