Breakfast in Beyoglu

The best breakfast in Beyoğlu

Faik Pasha Hotels was opened in 2013. Since then, breakfast has been prepared at 07:00 every morning without a break, the preparations for the next day were made one day in advance, hot bagels and breads were bought from the bakery in our neighborhood and served to our guests in the morning.

To date, we have provided breakfast to nearly 100,000 people.

From India to America, from Russia to Australia, from African Countries, from Middle East to Far East countries, from European countries to North African Countries we have succeeded in satisfying people with very different eating habits.

At the same time, each guest added something to us with their special requests and constructive criticisms.

The eyes of the Faik Pasha Hotels team have always been on their guests, the hospitable culture of the Eastern people has always opened our way.

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